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Week In Review

Showing: March, 2014

Monday, March 31

• The Senate met Monday, approving several bills, including the following.

-HB 2325 by Rep. Bobby Cleveland, extends civil immunity during a time of emergency to individuals and agencies that provide shelter and adds the federal government to the list of requesting agencies.

-HB 2765 by Rep. Brian Renegar, modifies dates related to the issuance of a license for a commercial pet breeder.

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Monday, March 24

• The Senate met Monday, but took no action on bills.

• Senate committees approved several measures Monday, including the following.

-HB 1378 by Rep. Emily Virgin, amends the Dustin Rhodes and Lindsay Steed CPR Training Act.

-HB 3399 by Rep. Jeff Hickman, removes all references to PASS standards and replaces them with subject matter standards.

-HB 3293 by Rep. Leslie Osborn, creates the State Employee Pay Program.

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Monday, March 17

• The Senate met briefly Monday, approving several resolutions including the following.

-SCR 32 by Sen. Jerry Ellis, Allows Congress to direct the United States Geological Survey to conduct a master multi-state study of the Red River Watershed Basin.

-SR 46 by Sen. Brian Crain, celebrates the centennial anniversary of YWCA Tulsa.

• Senate committees approved several measures Monday including the following.

-HB 2626 by Rep. Katie Henke, repeals language relating to an application for a school transfer.

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Monday, March 10

• The Senate met Monday, approving numerous measures including the following.

-SB 1445 by Sen. Susan Paddack, modifies the definition of “primary place of use” for mobile communications service under the Nine-One-One Wireless Emergency Number Act.

-SB 1023 by Sen. Dan Newberry, establishes that the Legislature occupies and preempts the entire field of legislation touching certain mandated minimum wage and employee benefits.

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Monday, March 3

• The Senate met briefly Monday, but took up no legislation.

• Senate committees did not meet Monday.

• The House approved several measures Monday including the following.

-HB 1674 by Rep. Gus Blackwell, creates the Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act.

-HB 2317 by Rep. Bobby Cleveland, permits school districts to educate students about the history of traditional winter celebrations including Christmas and Hanukkah.

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