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Week In Review

Showing: March, 2012

Monday, March 26

•The Senate met Monday but approved no legislation.

• Senate committees approved the following measures Monday:

-HB 2247 by Rep. George Faught, recreates the Oklahoma Education Television Authority and other agencies.

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Monday, March 19

• The Senate approved the following bill on Monday:

-SJR 25 by Sen. Josh Brecheen, proposes a constitutional amendment granting the Pardon and Parole Board by majority vote the authority to grant parole for all offenses after conviction, upon restrictions and limitations deemed proper by the board or required by law, except for persons sentenced to death.

• Senate committees approved the following bills on Monday:

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Monday, March 12

• The Senate approved several bills on Monday:

-SB 1571 by Sen. Clark Jolley, would reduce the income tax for fiscal year 2013.

-SB 1903 by Sen. Steve Russell, states legislative intent for Oklahoma to apply for a single purpose U.S. constitutional convention to propose an amendment that would require approval from the majority of state legislatures before increases in the federal debt could be implemented.

-SB 1052 by Sen. Harry Coates, modifies language related to the Public Building Construction and Planning Act.

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Monday, March 5

• The Senate approved several bills on Monday:

-SB 1430 by Sen. Gary Stanislawski, creates the Bartmann Bill for Ethical Debt Collection.

-SB 1012 by Sen. Clark Jolley, modifies language related to insurance policies for portable electronics, requiring a supervising entity to maintain a registry of vendor locations that are authorized to sell or solicit portable electronics insurance coverage in the state.

-SB 1102 by Sen. Patrick Anderson, creates the Teachers’ Retirement System Cost-of-Living Adjustment Revolving Fund.

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