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Week In Review

Showing: February, 2004

Monday, February 23rd

• The deadline to have bills heard in the committee from the house of origin was February 19th, therefore requiring the Senate to take floor action on the 700 bills that made it out of their respective committees. The deadline for 3rd reading in the house of origin is March 11th.

• The Senate approved the following bills on Monday:

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Monday, February 16th

• The Senate heard SB 710 by Charlie Laster, which would require informed consent before an abortion is performed as well as the disclosure of information related to abortions. The measure failed by a vote of 19 to 26.

• The Senate did approve SB 1219 by Sen. Jim Maddox that would allow energy costs to be included in a rate’s base. The Corporation Commission would be required to take this into consideration in rate hearings.

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Monday, February 9th

• Members of the Senate were busy hearing legislation in their respective committees. Among the pieces of legislation heard were the following:

-CS for SB 1425 by Sen. Bernest Cain would permit the Oklahoma State Board of Education to require school districts to replace beverage and snack machines with no or low nutritional value in elementary and middle schools with snacks the meet the nutrition standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The bill passed by an 8-0 vote.

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Monday, February 2

• The second session of the 49th Oklahoma Legislature formally convened, gathering in a joint Senate-House meeting to receive the annual State of the State address. However, before the Senate adjourned to the House of Representatives, State Senator Sam Helton struck SB 1130 from the Senate agenda. The bill pertained to mandatory pet spay and neutering.

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