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Week In Review

Showing: March, 2003

Monday, March 31st

• The Senate convened at 1:30 p.m. on Monday. Although this marked the final week for committee action on measures from the House of Representatives, the full Senate did take up measures already on general order. Among those winning approval on Monday:

-HB 1105 by Sen. Maxine Horner and Rep. Thad Balkman would allow open containers in the passenger area of buses and limousines.

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Monday, March 24th

• The Senate convened at 1:30 p.m. on Monday. Although the Senate was in the second week of committee consideration of House measures, there were measures awaiting floor action. One that was not approved on Monday was HB 1467, which is the Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act by Representative William Paulk and Senator Angela Monson. The final vote was 24 to 20 with Senator Monson making a motion to reconsider the vote on a future legislative date. Among those measures receiving approval from the Senate on Monday:

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Monday, March 17th

• The full Senate convened at 1:30 on Monday, however much of their legislative action was focused at the committee level having completed floor action on Senate measures the previous week. Attention now turned to committee consideration of measures coming from the House of Representatives. Among those winning approval on Monday:

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