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Week In Review

Showing: April, 2009

Monday, April 27

• The Senate on Monday rejected House amendments to 28 bills and resolutions before adjournment.

• Senate committees took no action on Monday.

• The House on Monday rejected amendments to a number of measures before adjournment.

• House committees took no action on Monday.

Tuesday, April 28

• The Senate did not vote on any legislation Tuesday, but did reject house amendments to a number of bills before adjournment.

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Monday, April 20

• The Senate approved the following measures on Monday:

-HB 1330 by Rep. Mike Ritze, creates the Ten Commandments Monument Display Act, authorizing the State Capitol Preservation Commission to permit and arrange for the placement of a suitable monument for displaying the Ten Commandments on state Capitol grounds.

-HB 1888 by Rep. Phil Richardson, replaces reference to the Rural Ambulance Service Districts Act to the Ambulance Service Districts Act, removing reference to “rural resident” and “rural area”.

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Monday, April 13

• The Senate approved the following measures on Monday:

-HB 1604 by Rep. Daniel Sullivan, prohibits wholesalers from purchasing more than 15 percent of their annual inventory from other wholesalers.

-HB 1067 by Rep. George Faught, requires initial assessments by licensed mental health professionals of individuals being considered for emergency detention to include an appropriate screening and assessment process, as determined by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

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Monday, April 6

• The Senate approved the following measures on Monday:

-HB 1297 by Rep. Pat Ownbey, adds school supplies to the list of items subject to the back-to-school sales tax holiday.

-HB 1070 by Rep. Gary Banz, allows licensed teachers hired on a temporary contract in a resident teacher position for a complete school year to be hired for one additional complete school year on a temporary contract for the next school year.

-HB 1464 by Rep. R.C. Pruett, prohibits individuals from hunting or taking black bear without a license.

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