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Week In Review

Showing: April, 2012

Monday, April 30

• The Senate approved no bills on Monday.

• Senate committees took no action on bills Monday.

• The House met Monday, approving the following measures:

-HB 2902 by Rep. Danny Morgan, requires each county’s reapportionment to be recorded in a resolution adopted by the board of county commissioners.

-HB 1910 by Rep. Mike Jackson, allows the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to prepare examinations in order for those involved in the installation of water well pumps to be certified and obtain a license.

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Monday, April 23

• The Senate approved the following bills on Monday:

-HB 1562 by Rep. Fred Jordan, directs the attorney general to prepare a written statement that includes a “Landowner’s Bill of Rights”.

-HB 1835 by Rep. Mike Sanders, requires the director of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education to serve on the Oklahoma Council on Firefighter Training.

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Monday, April 16

• The Senate approved several bills on Monday:

-HB 1968 by Rep. Glen Mulready, adds any health benefit plan that denies or refuses to accept an application for life insurance to the list of factors that will constitute as an unfair claim settlement practice.

-HB 2197 by Rep. Jason Murphey, creates the Cost Reduction and Saving Act.

-HB 2200 by Rep. John Trebilcock, modifies the definition of “third-party information” under the Oklahoma Real Estate License Code.

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Monday, April 9

• The Senate approved several bills on Monday:

-HB 2260 by Rep. T.W. Shannon, modifies language regarding the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, directing notice of toll evasion violations to be sent by regular first class mail rather than registered mail.

-HB 2330 by Rep. Lewis Moore, allows an agency, board, commission, higher education institution, career technology or common education institution to contract with a third-party vendor to perform any and all employment screenings.

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Monday, April 2

• The Senate met Monday but approved no legislation.

• Senate committees approved the following measures Monday:

-HB 2921 by Rep. Phil Richardson, directs that the provisions of the Pet Breeder Act of 2012 will be administered and supervised by the State Board of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

-HB 2356 by Rep. Steve Kouplen, allows persons in the sole process of retrieving their domestic livestock or other animals to enter the land of another, unless otherwise forbidden to do so either orally or in writing.

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