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Showing: April, 2013

Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk is the next stop for legislation meant to encourage underage drinkers to call for help if one of their friends becomes unresponsive. Senate Bill 1, by Sen. Cliff Branan and Rep. Mike Jackson, was given final passage with a unanimous Senate vote on Tuesday. Branan said the measure would protect an individual from being charged for underage drinking if they call for help for a friend who may have consumed lethal amounts of alcohol.
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Sen. Branan on SB 1.

Legislation giving communities local control over smoking in public parks and municipal facilities has been signed into law. Gov. Mary Fallen signed Senate Bill 501, by Sen. Frank Simpson and Rep. Pat Ownbey, on Monday. The measure also places Fallin’s Executive Order prohibiting the use of all tobacco products in state-owned or leased buildings, land and vehicles into state law.
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Sen. Simpson discusses SB 501.
Sen. Bingman debates for tax cut bill

The full Senate voted to improve and reform Oklahoma’s A-F grades for public schools. Sen. Clark Jolley, the original author of the A-F legislation, said the idea was to help parents more easily understand how their children’s schools were doing.

Jolley and Rep. Lee Denney, along with other lawmakers and representatives from the governor’s office, formed a working group to examine concerns raised by superintendents, educators and others and determine what modifications should be made. The results are contained in House Bill 1658, co-authored by Jolley and Denney.
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Sen. Jolley discusses HB 1658.

The full Senate has given unanimous approval to House Bill 2228, creating the “Protect Against Pedophiles Act.” The measure, by Senator Kyle Loveless and Rep. Joe Dorman, gives schools a greater ability to protect Oklahoma children from predators by conducting background checks for adults volunteers. The measure was approved on Monday, 44 to 0.
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Sen. Loveless explains the Protect Against Pedophiles Act.
Weekly Q & A with Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman (Week 11)

Legislation enabling convicted criminals to request DNA testing of evidence in their cases has been approved by the State Senate. House Bill 1068, by Sen. Jim Halligan and Rep. Lee Denney, would enable those convicted of violent crimes and sentenced to 25 years or more to request DNA testing of evidence. The measure was approved unanimously on Wednesday.
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Sen. Halligan explains HB 1068.

Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk is the next stop for legislation requiring new recruits in law enforcement to receive training to recognize Alzheimer’s and how to respond to people with the disease. Senate Bill 315, by Sen. Brian Crain and Rep. Marian Cooksey, was approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

An individual with Alzheimer’s may get confused and wander off, but when someone tries to help them, they may seem combative and aggressive. Crain said recognizing the symptoms and responding correctly can ensure a positive resolution.
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Sen. Crain explains SB 315.

The growing problem of human trafficking has resulted in Senate passage of two bills aimed at helping the victims of this crime. House Bill 1058 by Sen. Nathan Dahm and Rep. Sally Kern and House Bill 1067 by Sen. A.J. Griffin and Rep. Lee Denney were approved in the Senate on Thursday.
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Sen. Dahm and Griffin talk about human trafficking bills.
Weekly Q & A with Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman (Week 10)