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Showing: February, 2007

Two State Senators said they were stunned after their chamber voted to kill a measure aimed at keeping more teenagers in school until they get their diplomas. Senate Bill 519, co-authored by Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson, R-Oklahoma City, and Sen. Kenneth Corn, D-Poteau, would have eliminated part of current state law that allows a student to drop out of school after turning 16.
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Sens. Wilcoxson and Corn discuss failure of SB 519.

The State Senate has approved a measure to better educate students about the price of freedom and the sacrifices made by the nation’s military men and women. Senate Bill 17, by Sen. Don Barrington and Rep. Ann Coody, would create “Celebrate Freedom Week,” which would take place during the week of Veteran's Day.
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Sen. Barrington explains "Celebrate Freedom Week" bill.

Ensuring that winners of the Oklahoma lottery must first pay any delinquent taxes or child support liabilities was the focus of Senate Bill 513, which was approved Tuesday by the state Senate. Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson is the primary author of the bill.

Wilcoxson explained the need for the legislation arose last year when an anonymous trust claimed the prize for the Oklahoma Powerball lottery.

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Sen. Wilcoxson explains how her bill would impact lottery winners.

The full Senate has given approval to a measure giving Oklahomans greater protection against a new kind of fraud known as caller ID spoofing. Sen. James A. Williamson is the author of Senate Bill 712, the “Anti-Caller ID Spoofing Act.” The Tulsa Republican said criminals use this technology to trick people into giving out information that can be used for identity theft and other crimes. The measure would make ID spoofing a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to a year in jail, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.
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Sen. Williamson says there's been a lot of interest in his anti-caller ID spoofing bill.
Measure to Arm Judges Advances to House

The Senate approved a measure Monday to provide further protections for the state's courthouses by allowing judges to carry firearms while on the job. Senator Brian Crain is author of Senate Bill 145, which would allow for the carrying and use of weapons in courtrooms by district, associate district and special district judges.
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Sen. Crain explains bills to let judges carry weapons.
Senate Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee and Senate Finance Co-Chair Mike Mazzei discuss Week 3 of the legislative session.
Q & A with reporters.

A bill designed to address the growing incidences of copper theft in Oklahoma has cleared its first legislative hurdle. Senate Bill 472, by Senator Cliff Branan, was approved by the Senate Energy and Environment Committee on Thursday.

“This crime can actually put people’s lives at risk, especially the elderly, because it can leave them without air conditioning and power at the worst possible times—when the temperatures are in the triple digits,” Branan said.
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Sen. Branan discusses bill on copper theft.

State Sen. Debbe Leftwich said her measure to improve access to behavioral health care in Oklahoma is dead for two years after failing to receive passage from a Senate committee on Thursday. Leftwich said Senate Bill 452 would have closed a loophole that currently prevents thousands of Oklahomans from getting the treatment they need.
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Sen. Leftwich says vote leaves thousands of Oklahomans without access to care.

Two bills aimed at shoring up the Teachers’ Retirement System of Oklahoma (TRS) are now headed to the full Senate for consideration. Sen. Mike Mazzei is the author of the measures, each of which would substantially reduce the 49 percent unfunded liability rate in the system within the next two decades. Combined, the bills would accomplish that feat in about half the time.
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Sen. Mazzei discusses bills to infuse funds into TRS.
Senate Honors Oklahoma Musician

The Oklahoma State Senate honored the life, accomplishments and musical talent of Oklahoma native B.J. Thomas Wednesday.
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Sen. Rabon introduces Hugo Mayor Stan Payne for a city proclamation commending Thomas as a favor son of Hugo.
Reading of SR 8.
Sen. Rabon says he was honored to bring pride to his home town and state in the centennial year by having a special guest back home.
BJ Thomas says he is humbled for recognition and is glad to be back in Oklahoma.