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Senate Interim Study

An evaluation of the County Improvement for Roads and Bridges Fund

Time 1:00pm
Location ,
  1. IS-2020-11 An evaluation of the County Improvement for Roads and Bridges Fund.  Requestor: Hall

    1. 1:00 PM: Study Introduction - Senator Chuck Hall
    2. 1:05 PM: CIRB Funding Flow - State Auditor & Inspector, Cindy Byrd
    3. 1:20 PM: Original Intent of the 5-year Plan and Circuit Engineering Districts (CEDs) in the CIRB Process (2006, HB 1176x) - Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commissioner and Member Oklahoma House of Representatives 1996-2006, Mark Liotta
    4. 1:40 PM: Role of CEDs and the State-Wide CED Board in the CIRB Process - OCCEDB Executive Director, Randy Robinson
    5. 2:00 PM: Role of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in the CIRB Process - Secretary of Transportation/ODOT Director, Tim Gatz

    Successes and Failures of the CIRB Process

    1. 2:15 PM: Muskogee County Commissioner District 1, Ken Doke
    2. 2:35 PM: Creek County Commissioner District 2, Leon Warner
    3. 2:50 PM: Logan County Commissioner District 1, Marven Goodman
    4. 3:05 PM: Pawnee County Commissioner District 3, Dale Carter
    5. 3:15 PM: Noble County Commissioner District 1, Jason Kienholz
    6. 3:25 PM: Q & A Committee Members
    7. Other business