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Meeting Notice


Appr-Sub-General Government and Transportation

Subject Appr/Sub-General Government and Transportation
From Date
Time 9:00am
Location Room 230
  1. 9:00-9:30          Merit Protection Commission
  2. 9:30-10:00        Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  3. 10:00-11:00      Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services
  4. 11:00-11:30      Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority
  5. 11:30-1:00        Lunch
  6. 1:00-2:00           State Auditor and Inspector
  7. 2:00-2:30          Oklahoma Military Department
  8. 2:30-3:30          Oklahoma Tax Commission
  9. 3:30-4:30          Oklahoma State Treasurer