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Senate Interim Study

A study of urban agriculture

Subject First Meeting
Time 8:00am
Location Room 535 , State Capitol Building
  1. 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. - IS 19-3, Senator Mary Boren, Study on Farm to Table Reforms: Agriculture to Health Code for Agricultural Opportunities
    Andy Wooliver, owner, Canadian Valley Farms
    Meriruth Cohenour, director of market development, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture
    Thanh Tran, executive committee member, Central Oklahoma Young Farmers Coalition
    Meredith Scott, program manager, ONIE
    Jade Owen, community outreach coordinator, ONIE

  2. 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. - IS 19-26, Senator Kevin Matthews, Study on Urban Agriculture in Underserved Communities
    Dr. Kayse Shrum, chief executive officer, OSU Health Center
    Dr. Valarie Jernigan, director, OSU Center for Indigenous Health Research & Policy
    Dr. Stacy Chronister, internist, OSU Center for Health Services
    Erica Young, vice president, LGR Farms
    Eric Polak, vice president of administrative affairs, OSU Medical Center
    Jacob Sanders & Thanh Tran, co policy chairs, CTOK-National Young Farmers Coalition
    Dr. Thomas Coon, vice president, OSU Agricultural Sciences & National Resources
    Dr. Dave Shideler, professor, OSU Agricultural Sciences & National Resources

  3. Other Business


Senator Casey Murdock, Chair
Senator Roland Pederson, Vice-Chair
Senator Mark Allen
Senator Mary Boren
Senator David Bullard
Senator JJ Dossett
Senator Tom Dugger
Senator Chuck Hall
Senator Brent Howard
Senator Chris Kidd
Senator James Leewright
Senator Dewayne Pemberton

Studies Requested By

Senator Mary Boren for 19-3
Senator Kevin Matthews for 19-26

Senate Staff

Quinten Dilbeck, Legislative/Fiscal Analyst
Parker Wise, Attorney
Leigh Garrison, Fiscal Analyst
Kaycee Valencia, Admin. Assist.