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Senator Tom Woods

Party: Republican
Legislation Experience: Senate Member, 2022-Present
Hometown: Westville, Oklahoma
Occupation: Small business owner and farmer/rancher

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 529.2 Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Chris Morriss

About the Senator

Senator Tom Woods grew up in Westville, Oklahoma, and was elected to the Oklahoma Senate in 2022. He proudly represents the citizens of Senate District 4, which includes Adair County and parts of Delaware, Sequoyah and Cherokee Counties.

Woods was raised on a dairy farm and graduated from Westville Public Schools. His grandparents are both retired educators, and his father worked in a factory while his mother stayed at home to work on the farm and raise his six brothers and sisters.

Tom’s family taught him the value of hard work from a very young age as he was given his first dairy cow at the age of 12, in exchange for milking cows on his parent’s dairy. He remained dedicated to his business and had 30 dairy cows by the time he was 18.

He now operates a feed store, trucking company, and a commercial cow/calf operation with 200 cows.  Through hard work and commitment, Woods believes we must build up future generations to be active contributors and producers in society, not just consumers.

District 4 see map

counties represented
zip codes represented
  • Adair
  • Cherokee
  • Delaware
  • Sequoyah
  • 74435
  • 74563
  • 74902
  • 74930
  • 74931
  • 74932
  • 74936
  • 74940
  • 74941
  • 74944
  • 74945
  • 74946
  • 74948
  • 74951
  • 74953
  • 74954
  • 74956
  • 74959
  • 74962
  • 74966