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Senate Interim Study

Artificial Intelligence

Subject Define, history, role of state government in regulating, limiting, expanding or taxing of AI, intentions of AI.
Time 1:30pm
Location ,


    Interim Study 2023-59

    Artificial Intelligence

    Requestor: Senator Dave Rader

    1. Welcome and Opening Statement - Senator Rader
    2. Definition, History, and Development of AI - Dr. Herb Lin, Hoover Institute Fellow in Cyber Policy and Security
    3. Application and Possibilities of AI - Sean Alexander, Independent Consultant
    4. Guidelines from Other States - Cody Allen, Council of State Governments
    5. Developing an AI Awareness/Policy Base - B.J. Crocker, BitGlobal Energy
    6. Present Industry Standards and Possible Future Expansion - Rob Lincourt, distinguished Engineer, Dell Technologies
    7. OMES Use of AI - Joe McIntosh, Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Enterprise Services
    8. Closing - Representative Boatman
    9. Other business

    Senator Bill Coleman, Chair

    Senator Kristen Thompson, Vice Chair