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Public Radio Tulsa: Census Data: Oklahoma Retains Its 5 US House Seats, Population Grew Less Than Nation As A Whole

By Matt Trotter Apr 26, 2021

Oklahoma held on to its five seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, according to the Census Bureau’s first release of data from the 2020 population count.

The state gained fewer than 200,000 residents over the past 10 years, a 5.5% population growth. That’s lower than the nation’s 7.4% population growth, the second-lowest rate in history.

Oklahoma wasn’t close to adding or losing a seat in Congress.

"It all depends on the population distribution for any given decennial census. So, if their population in relation — proportional relation — to the other states hasn’t changed, then they won’t gain or lose a seat," said Census Bureau technical expert Kristin Koslap.

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