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KFOR: Oklahoma legislators unveil proposed new district maps from redistricting bill

by: Hicham Raache

Posted: Apr 21, 2021 / 03:31 PM CDT / Updated: Apr 21, 2021 / 03:31 PM CDT

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Senate leaders unveiled new district maps that are part of a redistricting bill on Wednesday.

Sen. Lonnie Paxton, R-Tuttle and chair of the Senate Select Committee on Redistricting, said the proposed maps benefited from an open and transparent process.

“Throughout the process, the Senate has operated openly and transparently. We held 22 town hall meetings, both virtual and in-person, across Oklahoma in coordination with the House. We sought public input at every stage, including accepting public map submissions, and shared those results through our website. Because of the open and transparent redistricting process, the Senate district maps this year are more compact and better by most criteria than the 2010 district maps,” Paxton said.

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