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Senate Interim Study

Teaching certification scholarship program: directing priority status for SPED teacher candidates

Subject IS-2021-51
Time 1:00pm
Location ,
  1. IS 21-50 and 21-51 (combined) Study on teacher certification scholarships and priority status for English as a second language, special education teacher candidates

    Senator J.A. Dossett

    1. Opening remarks - Senator J.A. Dossett
    2. State Department of Education - Todd Loftin, Deputy Superintendent of Special Education and Daniel Ruhl, Executive Director of English language proficiency
    3. Dana Ezell, Chief Human Resource Officer, Jenks Public Schools
    4. Laura Grisso, Executive Director of Language and Cultural Services, Tulsa Public Schools
    5. Office of Educational Quality and Accountability - Renee Launey- Rodolf, Director and Jennifer Gambrell, Assistant Director
    6. Michelle Exstrom, Jorge Casares and Patrick Lyons, National Conferences of State Legislatures
    7. Other business
    8. Closing remarks