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Senate Interim Study

A study of municipal regulation of aesthetic design elements in residential construction

Subject Second Meeting
Time 5:00am
Location Room 511-A , State Capitol Building
  1. Welcome and Opening Comments
    Senator Joe Newhouse (5 minutes)

  2. State of Oklahoma Access to Attainable/Workforce Housing
    Darrell Beavers, Oklahoma Housing Finance Authority (10 minutes)

  3. Disparate Impact Treatment
    Mary Dulan Metro Fair Housing Council (10 minutes)

  4. Home Ownership Benefits
    Staci Hensley - Central Oklahoma
    Ken Klein - Board Member Tulsa Habitat for Humanity (10 minutes)

  5. Property Valuations
    Larry Stein Oklahoma County Assessor
    Doug Warr Cleveland County Assessor, XYZ Bank (10 minutes)

  6. Municipality Perspective
    Craig Thurmond, Mayor, City of Broken Arrow (20 Minutes)

  7. Municipality Perspective
    Daniel McClure, Deputy General Counsel, Oklahoma Municipal League (20 Minutes)

  8. Barriers to Workforce Housing Ownership
    Mike Means Oklahoma Home Builders Association (20 Minutes)

  9. Questions

  10. Other Business

  11. Adjourn

Transportation Committee Members:

Senator Nathan Dahm, Chair
Senator Tom Dugger, Vice Chair
Senator Bill Coleman
Senator Kay Floyd
Senator Chuck Hall
Senator Brent Howard
Senator John Montgomery
Senator Roland Pederson
Senator Paul Scott
Senator Ron Sharp
Senator Jason Smalley
Senator George Young

Studies Requested By

IS 19-38 – Senator Newhouse

Senate Staff

Matt Glanville, Legislative Analyst
Lori Block, Attorney
Jason Deal, Fiscal Analyst
Andrea Gaylord, Administrative Assistant

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