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Senate Interim Study

School Human Trafficking Education and Awareness

Subject Explore requirements for students to learn and understand human trafficking in an educational environment. 
Time 10:00am
Location ,
  1. AGENDA:

    Interim Study 2023-73

    School Human Trafficking Education and Awareness

    Requestor: Senator Weaver

    10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

    1. Welcome and introduction, Senator Weaver
    2. Brenda Barwick, Chair, Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women
    3. Kristin Weis, Chief Executive Officer, and Shar Agosto, Legal Director, The Demand Project
    4. Joe Dorman, Chief Executive Officer, Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy
    5. Whitney Anderson, Executive Director, The Dragon Fly Home
    6. Question and answer
    7. Closing comments, Senator Weaver
    8. Other business

    Senator Adam Pugh, Chair

    Senator Ally Seifried, Vice Chair