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Senate Interim Study

Children in OKDHS Custody

Subject Study examining the long-term safety and well-being of children and youth impacted by the Child Welfare system and correlating legal system. We propose an evaluation of length of time in OKDHS custody, the impacts of workforce burnout, (Child Welfare sta
Time 9:30am
Location , 4S9
  1. IS #2022-28: Permanency of Foster Kids by Senator Pederson & IS #2022-31: Children in OKDHS Custody by Senator Rader

    1. Opening Statements: Sen. Rader & Sen. Pederson
    1. Leslie Keenan: Executive Director & Founder - Family Hope House; Co-Founder - The Rose Project
    1. Mandy Damon: Family Pastor; Foster Parent; Co-Founder - The Rose Project
    1. Chris Calvert: Child's Attorney
    1. Heather Arnold: Foster-Adoptive Parent; CASA
    1. Sarah Herrian: Executive Director - Foster Care and Adoptive Association of Oklahoma
    1. Dr. Deborah Shropshire, MD: Director of Child Welfare Services - DHS
    1. Mike Fields: District Attorney for the 4th District
    1. Lory Dewey: Juvenile Deprived Prosecutor for the 4th District
    1. Jari Askins: Administrative Director of the Courts
    1. Judge Mike Flanagan: Associate District Judge  - Cotton County; Member - Juvenile Judges Oversight and Advisory Committee
    1. Judge Beth Stanley: Associate District Judge - Cleveland County
    1. Closing: Sen. Rader & Sen. Pederson
    1. Other business