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Wilson files resolution affirming support for constitutional definition of the flash test for kerosene

Sen. Jim Wilson Sen. Jim Wilson

Sen. Jim Wilson today said he has filed Senate Resolution 65, affirming support for the constitutional definition of the flash test for kerosene, as a result of the precedent set by yesterday’s passage of Senate Resolution 62. The resolution reaffirmed support of traditional marriage.

“According to its author, Sen. Clark Jolley, Senate Resolution 62 merely says “we have not changed our minds” about language in the Oklahoma Constitution,” said Wilson, D-Tahlequah. “In other words, we REALLY mean it.”

Jolley said the measure was needed in light of remarks at the national level by President Barack Obama.

“Considering the potential for misunderstanding other parts of our constitution, Senate Resolution 65 assumes that President Obama doesn’t understand the flash test or specific gravity test of kerosene that we define in the Oklahoma Constitution,” Wilson said. “This measure is offered to illuminate Oklahoma concerns in case the President iterates a policy message regarding kerosene. After all, we REALLY mean it.”

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