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Trial Lawyers Win Lawsuit Reform Battle!

Senate Republican leaders said that Oklahoma trial lawyers won a major victory in their fight against meaningful lawsuit reform this session, with passage of House Bill 2661 by the Senate and House of Representatives this week.

“The very fact that every senator who has publicly opposed lawsuit reform voted for this bill proves that HB 2661 is a sham,” stated Sen. James A. Williamson, Senate Republican Floor Leader. “The trial lawyers have won a major victory.”

“HB 2661 is not a real lawsuit reform bill. It is not comprehensive, does very little to help doctors, and does nothing to stop the job losses in Oklahoma. Rank-and-file doctors will be furious when they find out that the state medical association leadership gave in to the trial lawyers for a bogus bill,” said Sen. Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma City.

“HB 2661 falls far short of the ‘Texas-Plus’ lawsuit reform that Gov. Henry promised in his State of the State address, and is not even close to being meaningful lawsuit reform,” Williamson said.

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