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Treat announces plans to file ‘Caylee’s Law’ in 2012 session

Sen. Greg Treat Sen. Greg Treat

Sen. Greg Treat today announced plans to introduce legislation requiring parents or guardians to quickly notify authorities of a child’s death or disappearance. Treat said his office received numerous calls and e-mails from citizens hoping to prevent tragic cases like that of Caylee Anthony, and ensure that justice be done for those who would harm innocent children.

“Caylee Anthony’s tragic story had a strong impact on numerous Oklahomans concerned with the value of innocent human life,” said Treat, R-Oklahoma City. “Many observers of this case were surprised to find there are currently no statutes addressing a situation where a child’s disappearance goes unreported for such a lengthy period of time. Our hope is that we can prevent similar occurrences and bring justice to those who would harm children.”

Treat said he is currently examining state statutes and conducting research to determine an appropriate time limit for notifying authorities in the event of a child’s death or disappearance. He plans to file ‘Caylee’s Law’ for the 2012 session at the earliest possible time.

“The lengthy delay in the reporting of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance provoked well-deserved outrage,” Treat said. “It was an insult to human dignity. My legislation would guarantee serious consequences for failure to notify authorities. I share the concern of the many citizens hoping to prevent tragedies like this from occurring in Oklahoma, and will work hard to ensure Caylee’s Law is approved by the Legislature in 2012.”

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