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Student Health Facts


Roughly one-third of Oklahoma respondents described themselves as slightly or very overweight (25.3% of males & 36.6% of females).

14.2% of Oklahoma high-school age adolescents are at risk of becoming overweight (12.5% for males & 16% for females). National average is 15.4%.

11.1% of Oklahoma students are currently overweight (15.9% of males & 6.1 of females). National average is 13.5%.

64.3% of Oklahoma adolescents participate in vigorous physical activity compared to 62.6% nationally.

Only 37.3% of Oklahoma students reported being enrolled in a physical education class, compared with 55.7% nationally.

Only 33.5% of Oklahoma students enrolled in P.E. actually spent more than 20 minutes exercising or playing sports, compared with 80.3% nationally.

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2004 State of the State’s Health Report
Youth Risk Behavior Survey

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