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Statement from Sen. Brian Crain condemning flag burning at Sen. Al McAffrey’s Oklahoma City home

Sen. Brian Crain Sen. Brian Crain

State Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, released the following statement Tuesday after reports that an American flag had been burned outside the home of Sen. Al McAffrey, D-Oklahoma City.

“The burning of an American flag this past weekend was simply a deplorable action. I serve with Senator Al McAffrey in the Oklahoma Senate, and know that he is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. To think that anyone would defile an American flag, especially on Memorial Day Weekend when Senator McAffrey and millions of other Americans were paying tribute to our fallen heroes, is despicable.”

“Senator McAffrey would not allow this event to deter his patriotism and has since replaced the flag. I applaud and support him for his courage, patriotism, and his service to our state and nation.”

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Sen. Crain: (405) 521-5620