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Southern Oklahoma Legislators Aid in Relief Efforts for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Sen. Crutchfield on efforts to help Katrina evacuees.

State Senator Johnnie Crutchfield and State Representative Wes Hilliard are working closely with federal, state and local officials to ensure a smooth transition for Hurricane Katrina victims who will temporarily be placed at Falls Creek Baptist Camp in Davis.

“We don’t know exactly when the evacuees will be here,” Crutchfield said. “But we want to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for these families who literally have nothing but the clothes on their back.”

Crutchfield, (D-Ardmore) said he is working with local superintendents and the State Department of Education to ensure the smallest victims of Katrina-school children-have a safe place to learn when they arrive in Oklahoma.

“State and local education officials are working diligently to ensure these children have the tools necessary to succeed in life and that begins with providing them a place to go to school,” Crutchfield said. “As a former educator I believe it is imperative to return these kids to the classroom as quickly as possible.”

Rep. Hilliard said volunteers have been working at a feverish pace to ensure Falls Creek is ready for the close to 3,000 victims who will call the Arbuckle Mountain region home for the next several months.

“Oklahomans are the most generous people in the nation,” Hilliard said. “When tragedy strikes our nation, Oklahomans always step up to lend a helping hand, and this time is no different.

“It truly is amazing to see the spirit of the folks who are working so hard to make sure those displaced by the horrible tragedy last week will have as close to a normal life as possible once they get here.”

Hilliard said the camp is in need of donated items to help make hurricane victims as comfortable as possible. The items in need are:

· Motions, Optimum, TBC and Pink brand hair products

· Underwear for children and men

· Socks for children and men

· Trash cans and trash bags for individual cabins

· Baby blankets

· Crib sheets, and

· Pre-mixed baby formula

“Those that lost the most in the wake of Hurricane Katrina were the ones who could least afford it,” Hilliard said. “And I know Oklahomans will move mountains to help those who so desperately need our help at this time.”

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