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Shumate’s gun legislation to better protect schools

Sen. Jabar Shumate Sen. Jabar Shumate

Oklahoma’s schools would be safer under legislation filed by Sen. Jabar Shumate. Senate Bill 1753 would prohibit anyone from bringing a concealed handgun onto school property regardless if they have a valid handgun license. Currently, those individuals with a valid handgun license who are just picking up or dropping off a student and not leaving their vehicle are allowed to bring a gun onto school property.

“For the safety of our children, we cannot afford to make any exceptions when it comes to having handguns on school property,” said Shumate, D-Tulsa. “It would only take someone a few seconds to put their gun in their home before coming to a school for whatever purpose. It’s a small inconvenience to ensure that their firearm doesn’t get in the wrong hands and somehow lead to anyone getting hurt.”

SB 1753 would still allow an unloaded gun or knife designed for hunting or fishing purposes to be kept in a private vehicle on school grounds as long it was properly displayed or stored as required by law meaning it is in plain sight or locked in the trunk. The bill only prohibits concealed handguns from being brought onto school premises.

The bill was requested by Moms Demand Actions for Gun Sense in America, a nonprofit formed in 2012 following the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Today, the organization has over 130,000 members and a chapter in all 50 states.

"Oklahoma mothers are eager to stand with Senator Shumate and support a bill that will create a safer environment for our children while at school," said Sabine Brown, Oklahoma chapter leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. "We want our children to experience a healthy learning environment and not be concerned about firearms on the premises."

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