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Senator Taylor Comments on RTW Vote

Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor, Senate President Pro Tempore

"Majority rule was exercised in the State Senate and the majority decided that it did not want to advance right to work. That's the way it works in a democratic process. I hope this puts to rest all the claims that the majority's will was somehow being thwarted in the State Senate."

"In taking this action, we followed Senate rules to the letter and gave both sides an ample opportunity to make a case for their respective position. I don't think anyone can complain with any validity that this wasn't a fair process."

"I think it's also important to point out that this same process could have been conducted last Wednesday without all the fanfare of the last few days. The Senate was prepared to consider this issue last week, but unfortunately partisanship and gamesmanship prevented that from happening."

"I know that right to work supporters are probably disappointed that they lost, but if they truly believe in their issue, I would encourage them to launch an initiative petition drive. I think such an effort could be conducted cheaply and quickly, just as supporters of a cockfighting ban did. With no money and no organization, Janet Haliburton managed to get enough signatures to put a question on the ballot. Why can't right to work supporters, who have much more resources than Ms. Haliburton, do the same?"

"If we don't see an initiative petition drive launched in the next few days, I think it will be confirmation that right to work supporters are more interested in using this as a political wedge issue than they are in passing it into law. If this is really about economic development and not partisan politics, Governor Keating, Lieutenant Governor Fallin and all the other right to work supporters will start circulating petitions tomorrow."

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