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Senator Taylor Comments on Keating Remarks about Legislature

Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor, President Pro Tempore

"You know the end of session is near when Governor Keating throws his annual temper tantrum about all of the great ideas of his that haven't been enacted into law yet. What the Governor forgets is the Legislature wasn't elected to rubber stamp every single idea that happens to pop into his head. As Oklahomans have learned from experience, no Governor is always right, especially this one."

"It's our job to sort through his ideas, keeping the good ones and tossing out the bad. Unfortunately, his bad ideas have outnumbered the good ones this year. Governor Keating kicked off the session by proposing to raise class sizes, cut veterans programs and decimate the OU and OSU athletic programs by banning remedial education. Killing those ideas alone made this a productive session."

"If anyone has been unproductive this year, it's Governor Keating. He's the one who killed tag reform. He's the one who had to be dragged along kicking and screaming to raise teacher pay after he vowed to hold the issue hostage. He's the one who had to be convinced to sign a state employee pay raise and an HMO accountability act. I know Governor Keating likes to rail against the Legislature, but I'll bet if he asks anyone on the street about his tag veto, they'll tell him that they're more upset with their do-nothing governor."

"On his claim that there have been no budget or bond negotiations, I think Governor Keating is suffering from selective memory loss. We've met with the Governor every week during session and have discussed those items and many others with him. At this point, the only thing holding up the bond issue is Governor Keating. We keep asking him for his list of proposed projects, but he's given us nothing."

"I think what we're witnessing is a Governor who is very upset and frustrated by his fading national star. A few months ago people where talking about him as George Bush's Attorney General, but after his 'homicide' comment and some other insensitive remarks, he dropped off the national radar. Governor Keating is just trying to boost his sagging approval ratings by bashing the Legislature, but given the things he's trying to make people forget, I don't think it will work."

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