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Senator Monson Comments on Perry Confirmation

Statement by Sen. Angela Monson, Chairwoman of the Senate Finance Committee

"This isn't about racism, it's about spending tax dollars wisely and managing state government in an efficient manner. To suggest otherwise is racially offensive."

"After consulting with a number of my colleagues including members of the black caucus, I didn't feel it would be a wise expenditure of taxpayers' dollars to confirm the nomination. Most of the people who spoke to me felt that the state was just creating a job with no real responsibilities, unless you count the duplicate duties that are already being performed by
the director of the Commerce Department."

"Oklahoma taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for two high-level administrators to perform essentially the same job. We could probably hire a good economic recruiter for what they're paying Mr. Perry. This appointment not only wastes money; it also causes management problems."

"When you have two people doing the same job in upper management, a lot of mixed messages can be sent. In an economic development agency like the Commerce Department, that's a recipe for disaster. They say that too many cooks spoil the soup. The same is true in upper management."

"Whoever fills the position of director should also serve as cabinet secretary. That's what others have done in the Keating administration, including Jerry Regier, Mike Hunter, Oscar Jackson, Dennis Howard, Pam Warren, Bob Ricks, Neal McCaleb and Tom Daxon."

"They've all managed to serve as both cabinet secretary and director of their agency. Why should the Commerce Department be any different?"

"As chair of Senate Finance Committee, one of my jobs is to make sure the state spends tax dollars wisely and runs its agencies efficiently. I don't think the Perry appointment passes that test."

Senator Taylor Comments on Keating's Racial Remarks

Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor, Senate President Pro Tempore

"Senator Monson expressed concerns about whether the appointment was a wise use of taxpayers' dollars given the duplicative nature of the post and asked that her committee be able to review it."

"I'm disappointed that Governor Keating has inappropriately tried to inject race into a policy debate, but given his track record of offensive public statements, I'm not surprised."

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