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Senator Loveless Asks Attorney General Pruitt to Weigh in on Forced Attendance at Education Rally

Sen. Kyle Loveless Sen. Kyle Loveless

State Sen. Kyle Loveless (R-Mustang) has requested a legal opinion from Attorney General Scott Pruitt on whether school districts can compel attendance at the education rally planned for Monday at the State Capitol.

“I respect and admire teachers and educators all across our state and welcome them to their state Capitol; however, it has come to my attention that at least one school district is making the rally attendance mandatory for their staff,” Loveless said.

Monday there will be an expected 25,000-30,000 teachers, parents, educators from all over the state rallying at the State Capitol to voice their opinions to legislative leaders.

“I have been asked to keep the name and school district confidential for fear of retribution. I understand the issues facing education in our state and encourage the dialogue, but certainly don’t think any Oklahoman should ever feel pressured to participate in political activity.

“The Attorney General needs to answer these questions as soon as possible and give guidance to Superintendent Hoffmeister so she can direct and inform school districts that attendance should not be forced on anyone,” Loveless said.

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