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Senator Lawler Files Bill to Ensure All Fuel Taxes Go to Transportation

Senator Daisy Lawler has filed a measure that would ensure gas and diesel fuel taxes currently going to the state's General Revenue Fund would instead go to the State Transportation Fund.

"I want the public to know that when they're paying gas or diesel taxes, all the money is going to roads, bridges and other transportation needs. Under my bill, the percentages of those taxes that currently go to the General Revenue Fund would be redirected to transportation," said Lawler, D-Comanche.

Lawler said that currently, 1.625 percent of the state's gas tax goes to the General Revenue Fund. The lion's share goes to the State Transportation Fund, with the remainder going to counties for highways, the County Bridge and Road Fund and cities and towns for street projects. Only 1.39 percent of the diesel tax goes to the General Revenue Fund, with the rest going to the State Transportation Fund, to the counties for highways and to the County Bridge and Road Fund.

"Under Senate Bill 1028, we'll redirect the remaining portions of the gas and diesel taxes directly to the State Transportation Fund. That adjustment will result in an additional $7.35 million for transportation, but just as importantly, it will put those taxes where they were intended and desperately needed--to help improve our roads and bridges," Lawler said.

The Senate will consider Lawler's measure when the Legislature convenes in February.

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