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Senator Hobson Comments On Prison Board Action

Statement from Senator Cal Hobson, Vice-chairman Senate Appropriations Committee

OKLAHOMA CITY -"I'm glad that Mr. Roark and the rest of the corrections board have decided to take a mature, reasoned approach to this difficult situation, instead of making a rush to judgment as some have advocated. I sincerely hope that the board is entering this inquiry with an open mind, instead of pursuing a preconceived conclusion to satisfy Governor Keating's quest for a scapegoat."

"Despite what the Governor claims, there is no 'smoking gun' readily apparent in this case. There is no 'incontrovertible evidence.' Those are just soundbites delivered by Governor Keating from southern California with little care for accuracy or the details of this case. This is a complex case that will require a thorough investigation."

"Anyone who is truly interested in solving the problem must be ready to participate in a good deal of reasoned examination, debate and action. Searching for a scapegoat simply isn't productive and will only delay our efforts to solve this problem."

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