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Senator Hobson Comments On ACA "Support" Letter

Statement from Senator Cal Hobson, Vice-chairman Senate Appropriations Committee:

"Comparing Mr. Quinlan's experience in Ohio with the proposed project in Oklahoma is like comparing apples to oranges. Mr. Quinlan would be operating in a far different capacity under much different circumstances in Oklahoma than he did in Ohio.

First, in Ohio, Mr. Quinlan was part of a study committee. He was one voice of many. In Oklahoma, Governor Keating wants him to be a committee of one. He would be the only voice we hear on corrections.

Secondly and more importantly, Mr. Quinlan's current employer, CCA, was not operating any private prisons in Ohio at the time he participated in that state's study. In Oklahoma, CCA currently operates two private prisons with plans for a third.

No matter how hard he tries to cover it up, Governor Keating can't hide the obvious conflict of interest questions that plague Mr. Quinlan. No matter how many letters of support he solicits, Governor Keating cannot change the fact that Mr. Quinlan will be making recommendations that could increase the profit margin for his current employer.

It's becoming fairly obvious that Governor Keating will do anything he can to make sure his friend Mr. Quinlan is allowed to conduct the Oklahoma prison study. Why? When there are dozens of other highly-skilled experts available who could do the same job without a conflict of interest, why is Governor Keating so intent on using one person and one person only?"

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