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Senator Hobson Commends Trooper Pay Raise, Urges Governor to Increase Benefits for Police Retirees

Statement from Senator Cal Hobson,
Vice-chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee:

"I applaud Governor Keating for signing the trooper pay raise, but in the same breath I would also urge him to approve legislation granting thousands of retired law enforcement officers a cost-of-living increase. They put their lives on the line for us for an entire career and deserve to be compensated.

"I don't think the Governor should give our active law enforcement officers a pay hike and then turn his back on all the police retirees who are in desperate need of a pension increase. He should join us in giving both groups the compensation they need and deserve.

"I remain confident Governor Keating will do the right thing and sign SB 1037. "


SB 1037, the retirement/cost-of-living adjustment bill, was approved by the House and Senate on Friday and is currently awaiting the Governor's signature. It would grant COLA's to all state retirees, including former police and law enforcement officers. Under the bill, the average benefit increase for retired police officers would be approximately 10 percent while other retired lawmen would receive an average of 16.7 percent.

Contact info
Senate Communications Division - (405) 521-5605