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Senate Republicans Mark First 50-Days of First GOP Majority in State History

Senate Pres. Pro. Tem Glenn Coffee and Senate Republicans address members of the press at the State Capitol Tuesday. Senate Pres. Pro. Tem Glenn Coffee and Senate Republicans address members of the press at the State Capitol Tuesday.
Senate Republican Caucus on first 50 legislative days and agenda.
Republicans Following-Through on Promises that Produced Majority

Noting that Republicans have held the majority in the State Senate for fifty legislative days of the 101-year history of the state of Oklahoma, Senate Republicans marked the occasion with a news conference to shine light on their many accomplishments in a very short time.

“Last November, Oklahoma voters decided that 101 years of one-party control was enough, and gave Republicans the majority for the first time,” said Senate Majority Floor Leader Todd Lamb. “We promised reform of state government, and despite the sometimes clandestine and often over-the-top efforts of our opposition, we are experiencing great success in advancing our reform agenda.”

Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee and the GOP caucus presented accomplishments that mirrored their legislative agenda announced this January. Legislation relating to the areas of Government Reform; Education; Finance; Health; Energy; Public Safety and Transportation were noted.

“While we haven’t been able to pass everything on our agenda yet, we have seen unprecedented success in bringing positive reforms for the people of Oklahoma to a public discussion at the very least, which was seldom afforded us in years past,” Coffee said.

“Oklahoma is like a big ship, and we’re turning it around. But after 101 years of one-party rule, that ship won’t turn on a dime,” he added. “But a substantial number of bills have passed both houses thanks to the cooperation of Speaker Benge and his team in the House, and a good amount have been signed into law by the Governor.

“A new day has come to the Oklahoma Capitol, and we will continue to build from the successes we’ve experienced, and – with a new Republican governor elected in 2010 – continue to build a better and brighter Oklahoma for our families and yours,” Coffee concluded.

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