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Senate Leaders Announce Bipartisan Agreement on New Rules

The Oklahoma State Senate will soon consider two new rules designed to make the legislative process run in a more efficient manner. The rules are the byproduct of the work of a special bipartisan task force that was appointed to study the Senate rules and offer proposals for improvement.

"I applaud the work of every member of the task force: Senators Keith Leftwich, Charles Ford, Brad Henry, Jim Williamson and Cal Hobson. I also appreciate the cooperation and hard work of Senator Jim Dunlap. I believe that the new rules will help improve the way daily business is conducted in the Senate," said Senator Stratton Taylor, Senate President Pro Tempore."

"The new rules are a step in the right direction. I appreciate the bipartisan cooperation that allowed this agreement to take place," said Senator Dunlap, Senate Republican leader.

In a unanimous vote, the special committee has offered two proposed rule changes for consideration by the full Senate. They are:

  • The Senate may not consider a floor substitute or conference committee substitute (except appropriation bills) unless copies have either been distributed to the desks of members or made available to them electronically prior to the adjournment of the Senate the day before the measure is considered. The Senate may not consider a bill or a joint resolution after noon on the final day of session in May unless copies of the measure have been distributed to members in the manner described above at least four hours before consideration.

  • All "shell bills" (except appropriation bills and other exempt measures) shall be assigned to the Senate Rules Committee. After the preparation of a committee substitute that includes a substantive change in law, the measure may be reassigned to another committee.

"The Senate has a tradition of working in a bipartisan manner and I think the latest rule proposals are a good example of that. I'm confident that the spirit of cooperation will continue throughout the legislative session," said Senator Taylor.

The full Senate will consider the proposed rule changes during the first week of session.

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