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Senate Leader Finalizes Majority Staff

Sen. Glenn Coffee Sen. Glenn Coffee

Oklahoma State Senate President Pro Tempore Designate Glenn Coffee announced Tuesday that he has finalized his majority leadership staff for the 2009 legislative session.

Coffee’s staff includes:

Fred Morgan, Senior Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel to the President Pro Tempore
Former State Rep. Morgan continues in his role as Coffee’s top aide.

Becky Woodie, Personal Assistant to the President Pro Tempore
Ms. Woodie has served as Coffee’s personal assistant since he was first elected to the State Senate a decade ago.

Gwendolyn Caldwell, Majority Leadership Legislative Director
Ms. Caldwell first joined Coffee’s leadership staff four years ago as deputy leadership assistant.

Randy Swanson, Majority Leadership Communications Director
Mr. Swanson is the new communications director for Coffee and the Majority leadership team.

Ashley Kehl, Majority Leadership Media Assistant
Ms. Kehl first joined Coffee’s leadership staff in 2007 as a receptionist and staff assistant, and was later promoted to media assistant.

Brittnee Preston, Majority Leadership Legislative Assistant
Mrs. Preston interned for Coffee’s office during the 2007 session before joining Coffee’s staff as a full-time employee.

Rita Chapman, Administrative Assistant / Constituent Relations and Appointments
Mrs. Chapman was an assistant to Coffee at his law firm prior to joining the Senate staff in 2007.

Sonja Wall, Administrative Assistant / Receptionist
Ms. Wall worked for 8 years as an executive assistant at the State Senate before joining Coffee’s staff last week.

Last week, Coffee announced that another aide, Paul Ziriax, is leaving the leadership staff to accept Coffee’s appointment to the dual position of Secretary of the Senate and Secretary of the State Election Board.

Coffee’s staff includes a personal assistant plus seven leadership staff, for a total of eight employees. By comparison, when Democrats last held the Senate majority in 2006 the Pro Tem’s office employed 11 people (a personal assistant, 9 leadership staff, and a consultant).

Contact info
Senator Coffee's Office: (405) 521-5636