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Senate Joins House In Passing Amendment To Speed Up Vehicle Inspection Repeal

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two lawmakers who authored a measure to end the state's mandatory vehicle inspection have succeeded in passing an amendment to speed up the repeal of those inspections. Senator Glenn Coffee and Representative Richard Phillips co-authored House Bill 1081, which calls for the inspections to end this August.

"We already have some cities that have announced they will no longer issue tickets for expired vehicle inspection stickers. But others say they will continue enforcing it until the very last day. With the amendment we placed in House Bill 1728, the inspections will end state-wide as soon as the Governor signs the bill into law," said Senator Coffee.

Representative Phillips had argued the inspections were no longer necessary, as the Federal mandate which caused states to enact them had long since expired.

"The response my office has received has been overwhelmingly supportive of our original bill abolishing these outdated and inconvenient inspections. There really is no good reason to wait until August to get rid of this unnecessary law," said Phillips.

The measure now goes to Governor Frank Keating for his approval.

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