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Senate Democratic Leader: ‘GOP Leaders Must Unequivocally Reprimand Rep. Sally Kern’

Sen. Andrew Rice Sen. Andrew Rice

"On behalf of every member of the Senate Democratic Caucus, I strongly condemn the reprehensible racist and sexist comments made by Rep. Sally Kern yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives. Such immoral beliefs have no place in a civilized society. I am shocked that a member of the legislature would show such disrespect and mean-spiritedness by expressing such antiquated and bigoted views.

“Surely the Republican leaders of the legislature and Gov. Fallin will join my caucus in stating publicly that such bigotry and ignorance has no place in our political system. Representative Kern has shown a pattern of expressing demagoguery, and I know of no instance where a fellow Republican has ever condemned her. I hope this low-point, which came on the same day when the first African American President in the history of the United States was forced to produce his birth certificate to appease bigoted extremists, will cause my Republican colleagues to come forward and finally reprimand these hateful statements. To be silent now, can only be seen as tacit agreement with Sally Kern."

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