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Senate to Begin Live “Webcast” of Sessions

Senate Communications Director Malia Bennett discusses new webcast service.
Senate Executive Assistant Cindy Sullivan says it will help her and her Senator's constituents.
Senate Communications Specialist Adrianne Covington recorded live via webcast.

The Oklahoma State Senate has announced another technological innovation to open up the legislative process to the public. Beginning Monday, February 28, anyone with Internet access will be able to see and hear the proceedings live from the Senate Chamber, via webcast.

“Last year we began offering live streaming audio. Now anyone who is interested will be able to see live video from the chamber as well,” Hobson said. “I think this is going to be exciting for students, educators and any one in the public who would like to learn more about their government.”

Earlier this month the Senate unveiled its new wireless internet access, the first public “hot spot” in the State Capitol Building. The bulk of the work for that project was done by Senate staff, saving the state thousands of dollars in technical expertise and other costs.

“This latest technology can even be utilized by people inside the building, thanks to our wi-fi access. For example, a reporter could be working out of the press room on the fourth floor and still follow events in the Senate through our webcast,” Hobson said.

“I’m very proud of the fact that this entire project was done with our own professional staff and existing equipment. Because of this, we’ve been able to start webcasting our sessions at absolutely no additional cost to taxpayers. I think that’s fantastic.”

To listen to live audio and see live video images from the Oklahoma State Senate Chamber, go to and follow the link on the homepage.

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