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Senate approves pay increase for election day poll workers

OKLAHOMA CITY – The full Senate approved Sen. Warren Hamilton’s bill to increase compensation for poll workers in Oklahoma. Senate Bill 290 would increase pay for election inspectors from $110 to $225 and pay for judges and clerks would double from $100 to $200.

“In recent years it has been more difficult to find individuals who are willing to work on election days, and harder to replace long-time election workers who have retired,” Hamilton said. “This is an issue statewide and the goal is that by providing this much needed pay increase for these citizens who work up to 14 hours on election day, we will see more interest in staffing elections.”

Hamilton added that poll workers and county election board officials, specifically those that he represents in District 7, are very enthusiastic about SB 290.

“I’m sure we will see excitement and appreciation across the state as we reward the dedicated citizens who serve their community, state, and country on election day,” Hamilton said. “Poll workers are vital to the success and security of our elections, and I am proud to have authored this legislation that will improve our processes by shrinking lines at polling places and reducing turnover of election day workers.”

SB 290 now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration, where Rep. Jim Olsen, R-Roland, is the primary author. There is an emergency clause on the bill, meaning it would take effect as soon as it receives the governor’s signature.


For more information, contact: Sen. Warren Hamilton at 405-521-5604, or email