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Senate approves bill prohibiting gender transition procedures for minors

OKLAHOMA CITY – The full Senate has approved a measure prohibiting gender transition procedures for children under the age of 18.  Sen. Julie Daniels, R-Bartlesville, is the author of Senate Bill 613, which bans the use of any medications or surgical procedures for the purpose of gender transition.  Behavioral and mental health counseling and medications for depression and anxiety are not included.

“These transition treatments are permanent, irreversible, and can lead to a host of medical problems later in life. Being transgender, gender non-conforming, or experiencing gender dysphoria is very real, but these are mental, not physical conditions. Children need behavioral and mental health treatment to give them the opportunity to resolve these issues,” Daniels said.  “Once they reach 18, they may not wish to seek more drastic treatment, but at least they will have reached some level of maturity to make a more informed decision.”

SB 613 provides for treatment of precocious puberty, delayed puberty and conditions such as ambiguous or incomplete genitalia, both male and female genitalia, and sex development disorders.

Penalties for violation may include felony charges, license revocation and civil actions which can be filed by a parent or guardian or by the child when they reach age 18.


For more information, contact:  Sen. Julie Daniels at 405-521-5634 or email