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Senate approves bill allowing autonomous vehicles to operate on public roads

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Paul Rosino has won full Senate approval for a measure allowing autonomous vehicles (AVs) to operate on Oklahoma roads.  Senate Bill 1541 creates the framework for the state to regulate AVs, protecting the public and roadways.

Rosino, R-Oklahoma City, said 19 states already allow AVs, with 20 more allowing testing.  So far, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas are among those states that have already approved similar language regulating AVs and allowing them to operate without a driver.

“Oklahoma is the only state on the I-40 corridor that isn’t already allowing AVs.  That places our state at an economic and public safety disadvantage,” Rosino said.  “With approximately 300,000 completely autonomous commercial deliveries that have already been made without incident, we know this is safe. This legislation will make sure we know who is operating AVs and make sure they have proper insurance and safety protocols.”

SB 1541 now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

“We don’t have enough truck drivers as it is. If we don’t allow AVs, we’re still going to have supply-chain issues in our state and country,” Rosino said.  “These vehicles are safe, and this legislation will help our state take advantage of this technology as so many others are already doing.”


For more information, contact:  Sen. Paul Rosino at 405-521-5618 or email