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Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson issues statement on AG’s opinion on tribal gaming money

Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson issued the following statement on Monday after Attorney General Mike Hunter responded to Thompson’s request for a legal opinion as to whether Gov. Kevin Stitt could deposit state revenues from tribal gaming exclusivity fees in escrow while awaiting the outcome of federal litigation over gaming compacts between the state and tribes.

“As Appropriations Chair, I am tasked with writing a budget.  If the governor were allowed to escrow these funds, it would mean about an $11 million a month hit to the 1017 Fund, so it would be an $11 million deficit to the schools each month.  The first payment was due in on March the 10th, so I’m glad the Attorney General issued the opinion today.

“This does not wade into the legal argument between the governor and the tribes of who’s right and who’s wrong.  It just says we’re going to use this money for the intended purpose, and that’s to fund education.”

For more information, contact Sen. Roger Thompson at 405-521-5588 or email


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