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Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson files bill to modernize state agency spending

Sen. Roger Thompson Sen. Roger Thompson

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson has filed a bill to reform the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act. Thompson, R-Okemah, said the legislation will create government efficiencies while modernizing state agency spending.

The Central Purchasing Act sets limitations on agency spending. Although this section of the statutes has been amended in fragments over the past 20 years, the last comprehensive and uniform review of the act was in 1998. Senate Bill 1422, by Thompson, would update agency spending limits to reflect the increased prices of goods and services and address additional modernizations.

“These reforms will not only clarify language within the statute and get rid of unnecessary red tape, but this will also allow for increased training of purchasing officers and more in-depth audits of agency spending,” Thompson said. “This bill is a needed measure that will bring more flexibility to the day-to-day operations of our agencies, while still maintaining accountability and oversight that is needed in government on any level.”

If approved by both chambers and signed by the governor, SB 1422 will take effect November 1, 2020.

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