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Sen. Standridge issues statement urging preservation of education options for Oklahoma children

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, issued a statement Monday urging Gov. Kevin Stitt and the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board to preserve education options for the children of Oklahoma. 

“Even before I began my service in the Senate, I long contended that a one-size-fits-all approach to education was not in the best interest of countless Oklahoma children—we needed to support creative models that best served the needs of students as individuals.  For tens of thousands of Oklahoma families, virtual charter schools have offered that choice. 

“I agree that anyone who has violated laws related to any education facilities throughout the state should be prosecuted.  But do not punish parents and their children and limit the education choices they have today.  Do not punish teachers who have worked extremely hard to make virtual school options the best they can possibly be.  All of these factors must be considered when determining the role of virtual systems in providing the education options so many Oklahoma families rely upon."

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