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Sen. Rosino to file legislation banning doxing of law enforcement officers

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Paul Rosino, R-Oklahoma City, said he is preparing legislation for the 2021 session to make it illegal to “dox” an Oklahoma law enforcement officer. The term doxing refers to using the internet to research and post documents or other material in order to intimidate, attack or harass an individual.

“Anyone who works in law enforcement knows they could be in harm’s way every time they answer a call or pull over a vehicle —it’s simply a part of the job.  But having private information leaked online that opens these officers and their families up to harassment or worse is not what they signed on for,” Rosino said.  “The legislation I am filing will make it illegal to dox law enforcement officers in our state.”

Rosino said he’s already prepared a draft that will be ready to go when legislation can be formally filed for the 2021 session.  The first day of filing this year is Nov. 15.

Under Rosino’s proposed legislation, it would be illegal to use either telephonic or electronic communication to post personally identifiable information of a law enforcement officer with the intent to threaten, intimidate, harass or stalk an officer, and as a result, place them in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury to the officer, their family, household member or intimate partner.  That information would include, but not be limited to, identification information such as the individual’s name, birthday, address, phone number, Social Security or driver license number or photo.

The legislation would apply to law enforcement for the state, local governments and Indian tribes.   A first offense would be a misdemeanor, while second or subsequent offenses would be a felony crime.

“I think there is a very valid concern that if we don’t address this, the threats and harassment could ramp up into something much worse for one of these officers or their loved ones,” Rosino said.  “We need this legislation to protect the heroes who serve their fellow citizens every single day.  I look forward to presenting my legislation in the 2021 session and respectively ask my fellow members and Governor Stitt to join me in passing this bill on behalf of Oklahoma’s law enforcement officers.”

For more information, contact Sen. Paul Rosino at 405-521-5618 or email




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