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Sen. Rogers seeks funding for Arkansas River Levee improvements

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Cody Rogers, R-Tulsa, is the author of Senate Bill 1391, which would designate funds to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for the purpose of funding improvements for levees along the Arkansas River, in addition to matching funds for levee projects.

“In their current state, the levees are classified as high risk, and would not be able to withstand extreme conditions like we saw in the catastrophic record-breaking floods of 2019,” Rogers said. “Levee overtopping is very likely, and a failure of the levee system would put thousands of lives in danger and could cause severe property damages totaling more than $1.13 billion.”

Federal funding has been secured to finance the improvements, but cost increases and the requirement of a 35 percent match in funds may threaten the viability of the projects. The total estimated cost of the project is currently $191 million.

“Our partners at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tulsa County are taking all the right steps to make these projects happen and prevent future risks, but further action and funding are needed. Through SB 1391, I am requesting an appropriation from the Legislature to fund these projects and protect Oklahomans, their livelihoods, and our state’s future,” Rogers said. 

SB 1391 is currently eligible for consideration by the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee.


For more information, contact:  Sen. Rogers: (405) 521-5600 or