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Sen. Rogers files measure to amend Parents’ Bill of Rights

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Cody Rogers, R-Tulsa, has filed Senate Bill 131, which amends the Parents’ Bill of Rights. SB 131 authorizes parents to file a civil action against a person or governmental entity for a violation of the Parents’ Bill of Rights.

“Updating this measure furthers parents’ involvement in their child’s education and requires written consent for decisions related to physical or mental health decisions for the student,” Rogers said. “Clarifying this will ensure parents know their rights when it comes to their children’s health and can remain in control of what their child is being exposed to at school.”

This legislation states that attempting to withhold information relevant to the physical, emotional, or mental health of a minor child is grounds for disciplinary action for state employees, political subdivisions, or any other government entity.

The bill directs school district policies to include procedures for a parent to withdraw a student from a club or activity and modifies language relating to participation in sex education curriculum, requiring a student’s parent or legal guardian to provide written consent to participate rather than allowing the student to opt out. 

“Additionally, we must continue to protect students from seeing, reading or hearing inappropriate content at school. The provisions of this legislation ensure parents will be involved in the entire process and can decide what conversations are best had with a school official, or what topics should be discussed at home with a parent,” Rogers said.

The measure also requires written consent for a child to participate in instruction or presentations that have the goal or purpose of studying, exploring, or informing students about gender roles, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or romantic or sexual relationships.


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