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Sen. McCortney announces additional $20 million for drought relief

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Majority Leader Greg McCortney announced Wednesday that legislative leaders from both chambers had agreed to appropriate an additional $20 million for emergency drought relief.  Those funds are in addition to the $3 million already allocated for drought relief during the 2022 legislative session. 

“Our entire state is dealing with this ongoing drought, but some of the worst areas are right here in Senate District 13.  These funds are critical as we work to help Oklahoma farmers and ranchers here, and throughout the state,” said McCortney, R-Ada.  “Ranchers have had to scramble to find hay months before they’d normally be using it, and the stock ponds are drying up.  It’s imperative we help our ranches and farms before it’s too late.”

McCortney said on September 12, the governor issued an executive order due to the current and persistent emergency drought conditions in all 77 Oklahoma counties.  That order cleared the way for the creation of a special three-person Emergency Drought Commission, which includes the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. The commission will determine how the funds will be directed and establish any procedures and requirements deemed necessary as part of that process.

“We were careful not to spend all of the funds available the past couple of budgets, so this $20 million is cash on hand that will help us provide drought relief,” McCortney said. “We have families that have ranched for generations, and if they are forced to sell off all their livestock, they may never recover from that. This is about a way of life, but there are also ramifications for our economy as well as our state and the nation’s food chain.”

McCortney said the additional $20 million in drought relief would be voted on during the ongoing special session.


For more information, contact: Sen. Greg McCortney at 405-521-5541 or email